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Hemant Raj

Singer | Musician | Composer | Lyricist


Hemant Raj is an Indian singer, musician, composer, lyricist, known for his contributions to the pop and Indian music genres. Born on 9 May 2003, in India, Hemant started his musical journey in Jaipur Rajasthan.

Hemant Raj is known as a romantic singer. He sings a lot of romantic songs for his fans. Hemant, was very fond of listening to songs since childhood. Hemant Raj learned music from internet, has no professional training in music. Hemant started his career in India (Jaipur, Rajasthan) started making music from 2015 and started singing from 2018. Hemant Raj first became a musician, later he started singing.

Hemant Raj, has also worked with various music companies (Tips, Saregama & More) in the country, you can listen to his cover track on the Tips and Saregama YouTube Channel and all the music platfroms. Hemant is also very fond of writing and composing his own songs. The songs composed by him are available on YouTube and major streaming platforms.

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